Koken Dojo

Ireneusz Druciarek

Trainings started in 1969 Judo
Jujitsu from 1974. 6 Pomeranian Airborne Division. Krakow
Masters' examinations passed in Belgium
    1st dan 1985 year  Master Riqvier Lucien
    5th dan 1995 year
    6th dan 1999 year  Master Johan Bernaschevice
   10 th dan 2013 year
Licensed sports juices
   5th dan Polish Ju Juitsu
   5 th dan Judo Bond Netherland

Instructor Iaido Hombu dojo Federation Geido Tao Chi Kihon Belgium

Instructor jujitsu Akademia Kawashi Belgium, sports instructor ju jitsu University of Physical Education Wroclaw, class II jitsu trainer Academy of physical Youth Krakow,

President of Chi ryu in Poland, organizer of international construction Szprotawa 2000 year with the participation of teams of 7 countries -Poland, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, Lithuania, Czech, cultivating aikido, judo, jujitsu, taekwando, katori shinto ryu, hakko ryu, wu shu, tai chi, ken jitsu, iaido, sambo, moder ju jitsu, chi ryu. Organizer of the ju jitsu championship children Szprotawa 2002 with participation of 2014 competitors. Coach champion of Polish junior Bytom Pl, vice champs of Poland women senior cat, bronze medalists cat. men senior Polish championships in ju jitsu duo system Olsztyn Pl
Since 2004, living for Poland, ju Jitsu coach In the club Aachen 04 de / players won bronze and silver medals in international ju jitsu competition in Hanau Germany. Skater and ju-jitsu trainer in the multinational NATO military base in Netherlands \ until now

The main instructor Iaido Koken Dojo
Participation in the training of the Japanese sword with the participation of soke Iwami Toshio Harukatsu and soke
Kajiya Takanori - confirmed by Japanese certifications

Title Menkyo Kaiden Nippon Dento Bunka Koryu Kai

NDBKK Ambassador Ireland

Koken Dojo

Koken Dojo – International Japanese Sword Club lead by a qualified coach Ireneusz Druciarek.

The secret to sword training is a calm spirit. You have put your hand with a tranquil heart on the hilt of your sword. A serene spirit must be cultivated at all times.
It is said that the sword is like the mind. When the mind is calm, the sword can be wielded properly.

International Koken Dojo teaches the styles typical of Japanese swordsmanship. Practice is made up almost entirely of kata, or pre-arranged sets of motion designed to respond to a particular attack by another swordsman.  Practice is calm and quiet, since the most important feature of iaido is the development a calm, reflective mind, and the major difficulty to overcome is the extraordinary attention to detail required.
This is another art that is popular with adult also older people and non-athletes, since the relatively slow movements are not as taxing to the cardiovascular system as are the more active arts (though it is still extremely challenging). This training builds arm and leg strength and provides a gentle cardiovascular workout. As stated above, it helps in the development of a calm, stable demeanour and, through attention to detail and continual refinement of the motions, orderly, precise thought patterns.

We welcome anyone who is interested to come and try a class. No previous martial arts training is required and you don’t need to purchase any equipment for your first class; just be sure to wear comfortable, loose fitting athletic clothes. We’ll be happy to lend you a bokken (wooden sword) to practice with.

Koken Dojo