Online Academy Shisei Ryu

The Shisei Ryu Academy has been supporting the dojo teaching process for over a year through virtual courses based on the Moodle e-learning platform. The included video and pdf files form the basis of each course. Easy access via PC or Android or iOS phone allows you to browse every 24/7 free time. Courses in their assumption are to be alive, i.e. the academy should be enrolled with motivated people who, above all, think seriously about their development. The material is divided so that you can get to know Shisei Ryu’s entire school from shoden to menkyo kaiden in an easy and systematic way. You will receive all the necessary information at the address:

Board meeting

Today a very intense meeting of the Board took place. Once again, we recalled the goals of our Association. What is the priority, what are our values about what we would like to change in the coming time. A new website is created, which in its assumptions is to be a party to all of us, to serve as information about what we do, and where in a significant advance in time (which was missing so far). Due to the existence of an association in several countries, namely in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Ireland, we want to get to know each other through various joint projects, which are joint internships about which we will keep you up to date. A lot of work ahead of us 🙂 Full of confidence in our motivation to work, I believe that we will manage to achieve everything. If you would like to propose something, I invite you to send an email to: