ASW Hangaku Dojo

Piotr Michalak

Instructor state license - Sports instructor and martial arts
Self-Defense Instructor

Piotr born on October 16, 1961 in Łódź.
Connected with this city from birth to the present day.
Father of Michał's son and two daughters of Agnieszka and Marta
Judo has been practicing since 1973, gaining experience in other martial arts such shotokan, kobudo, iaido ju-jitsu and sambo. He started the instructor's work with youth from orphanages and with children from the Surei no mon foundation. Since 2014, he has been working at his own dojo ASW Hangaku Łódź
He raised medalists of the European championships in ju-jitsu, bjj and medalists of the Polish Cup in iaido and kobudo.

ASW Hangaku

A club that creates people with uncommon knowledge and skills.
Built from scratch so as to ensure the possibility of full development.
HANGAKU instructors go to seminars, internships and participate in training throughout the country (and sometimes beyond its borders). They have high qualifications in martial arts such as judo, ju jitsu, karate, iaido and kobudo. It is a tribute to those martial arts practitioners who care about versatile training.
Atmosphere that is lethal, mobilizing for hard work.
Here everyone is supporting you, come and you will not regret it!